Seattle’s Georgetown Ballroom Wedding | Amy and Katie

Today I want to tell you the story of Amy and Katie’s super fun and playful Seattle wedding at the Georgetown Ballroom. It had all the best people and dogs and supersized games. If you’ve never played jumbo Jenga with your favorite people, you really should give it a try. Amy and Katie met four years ago playing lacrosse. Katie was coaching, and Amy had never played before, but they soon realized how perfect they were together. A few years later, and a house, and some dogs, they were engaged over a sunny breakfast in Washington wine country. And because you would rather look at these amazing photos than read, you should start scrolling now. Be sure to look for some familiar beloved faces (hey Emma and Paul!). Congratulations Amy and Katie! You two are so much fun, and you’re just stunning together.

Amanda Summerlin

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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