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Today I want to tell you the story of Tammy and Christopher’s beautiful destination wedding at the gorgeous Aspen Grove in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Tammy is truly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We’ve known each other since practically the first day of college. She lived next door to me at our dorm, and for some reason all those years ago, this well-traveled and sophisticated California girl decided that she wanted to be friends with the angry quiet farm girl who’d never been anywhere outside of Georgia (Like seriously y’all, I’d never even had a bagel with cream cheese). But that’s just who Tammy is. She’s this kind-hearted person who has this incredible ability to see the inner beauty in everyone. Over the years, she has surrounded herself with this amazingly eclectic and diverse group of friends and family, and they traveled from far and wide and all corners of the planet to see her marry this amazing man and celebrate their day.

Last year, I had the good fortune to be invited to spend a week with Tammy and Chris and his daughter Abby as a tagalong on their first official family vacation, and I’m a now a lifelong fan of both Chris and Abby. Any dad that takes his teenage daughter to see the Pixies and live streams it has my vote as the best dad of all time. Also, Abby has some serious ukulele skills and she made it look so easy that I almost bought one before I came to my senses and logged out of Amazon. 

And so I want to share these photos of their amazing day with you and congratulate Tammy & Chris & Abby & Lola & Roxy & Punky Brewster & Mr. BoJangles and Miss Mei on their new blended family status. I love you guys. 


Tammy and Chris’ Creative Team

Venue: Aspen Grove, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Catering: The Chateau at Incline Village Country Club
Cake: Happy Tiers Bakery
Favors: Lavender Soaps by #buttercupsoapcompany 
Decorations: Ali Express & Amazon LOL
Flowers: Lavender Ranch, Organic Lavender Farm & Raley’s Floral Department 
Wedding Coordination and Event Planning: Lauren Iida at 
DJ:  Reno, NV
Officiant – Ann Valdes

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