Monday Night Brewing Wedding | Drew and Mark

Today I want to tell you the story of Drew and Mark’s gorgeous fall afternoon wedding at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, home of one of my all-time favorite craft brews, Drafty Kilt. Mark and Drew have been together for nearly six years now and they’ve had lots of adventures together. Like me, they’re big fans of the National Park System, and they’ve visited many of them. Their first trip together was very special. Mark says, “Our first trip together was to Cumberland Island.  We had been together about 5 months. We were supposed to camp on the island with some friends for 2 nights. It was Drew’s birthday and I gave him a belt buckle made from bicycle parts which he loved and still wears on occasion (he owns about 2 dozen belt buckles and also once biked across the country with a friend, so I thought it was a good gift).  After a rather unsuccessful dinner of lentils and quinoa cooked on a camp stove, and several drinks, we retired to our tent for the night right before it began to rain.  Our friends were miserable in their leaky tent with the torrential downpour that lasted through the night.  But Drew and I were rather cozy and on that trip, he told me he loved me.  We ended up leaving the next morning, a day early because the weather was bad.  But the trip was both magical and also mundane and being together has always felt natural and easy.” Natural and easy are exactly the words I would have picked to describe how they are together. Being around them is one of my favorite things. Making photos of them is another of my favorite things, and we had a lot of fun making these photos (and their cozy at-home engagement photos earlier this year). Congratulations Drew and Mark!Wedding photos from Drew and Mark's celebration at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta

Drew and Mark’s Creative Team

Good Food Truck

Atomic Ice Cream Sandwich

Amanda Summerlin

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