Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wedding Celebration | Kittie and Lyn

Today I want to tell you about Kittie and Lyn’s intimate wedding celebration at Spence Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on a chilly and rainy fall afternoon in October. The Smokies are one of the prettiest and most unusual places you can visit in the southeast. They’re named for the blue mist that always seems to hover over the mountains. And in the fall, you’ll see some of the most spectacular foliage anywhere as the trees turn brilliant golds, yellows, and reds. Sometimes folks forget that the Smokies are technically a rainforest. (Specifically, a temperate rainforest.) But the rain is where the magic is, and a rainy day in the Smokies is a gorgeous day in the Smokies. The colors come alive and are made more jewel-like by a reflective coating of water, and the rocky streams and brooks and waterfalls roar to life. So it was on a magical rainy fall day in the GSMNP that family and friends of Kittie and Lyn gathered to celebrate their new married life together. Kittie and Lyn had their wedding ceremony previous to this day, and so we spent the afternoon making a few photos on the trails surrounding historic Spence Cabin and then they proceeded to have the best cake cutting of the year, followed by a few more festivities and games. And of course, we made lots of extra dog photos, because that’s what you do when you meet the cutest dogs ever. Congratulations Kittie and Lyn!

Amanda Summerlin

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Amanda Summerlin

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