Agnes Scott Surprise Engagement | Halden and Lex

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Lex and Halden and how they got engaged one sunny spring afternoon at Agnes Scott, the university where they met just a few years ago. Stories like theirs are one of the best parts of my job. Lex contacted me a few weeks back asking if I’d be interested in being part of their plan to surprise Halden. After thinking about it for .0003 seconds, I emailed back with an enthusiastic Heck Yes I’m Interested! The plan was perfect. Lex had already thought of everything, and when the day came, it all came together like a dream. Halden walked into the courtyard and spotted Lex under the tree and the surprise and joy on her face illuminated the campus. Everyone in the area stopped to watch the magical moment unfold. After taking a few moments to get hugs from their friends and take a few deep breaths, we wandered the gorgeous Agnes Scott campus and made some happy photos in the golden sunlight. These are the best days. Congratulations Halden and Lex!

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